BCA Course Details & BCA Full Form

BCA Course Details & BCA Full Form

Friends, today is the era of computer and Internet, and most of our work today is being done with the help of the internet and computer, whether banking, online class, travel booking or online food order. At the same time, there is a need for more and more knowledge professionals in the computer field, who can work for software development, software testing, website designing and development etc.

For all these needs, there are many courses after twelfth, one of which is very important and easily available for all people is BCA. So today in this article we will tell you about BCA Course Details & BCA Full Form.

So in today's article, I will give you complete information about BCA course. I will tell you what a BCA course is, Who should do this course, What students learn during this course, What is the eligibility for this course, What is the procedure for admission in BCA course, how can I get admission in BCA Course, what are the entrance exam, all the information about BCA Course, What is the Duration and Tuition fees for this course, 

After this course, what career options will the student have, such as what are the job opportunities, what are the chances of government job and what is the chance of self employment, what will be the salary or package, Together I will tell what is the option of higher education after BCA, Should MCA be done immediately after this course, or take a few years of work experience? What are some of the top colleges for BCA? What you have to study during BCA, what is the syllabus?

I will also tell you some other important things related to BCA at the end of this post. So the article may be get a little big, but you have to read this post till the end, you will not have any confusion about the BCA course. And even after that if you have any questions related to BCA course or your career, then you can ask me by commenting.

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What is BCA

Friends BCA means or full form is Bachelor of Computer Application, so as the name of this course is known, this course is about the computer. BCA is a 3-year professional technical undergraduate course, covering all important topics related to computers. This course will make you a professional in computer operation, 

and you will have a complete understanding of the new IT sector and happenings in IT sector. As you know the computer and internet is future. So after doing BCA course you too can be a part of that industry having high growth and high potential.

Who Should Do The BCA Course?

Students who have an interest in computer and IT sector, who like to work on the computer, have an interest in computer-related topics, those students should join this course. If you want to become a software developer, website designer, web developer, application developer. Then this is a great course for you. This course is about coding, so once you understand that you are interested in coding or not, then join this course

Also, if a student wants to do such a computer-related technical course in a short time and with little expense, after which he can work with big job profiles in big multinational companies, then those students should also do this course. Here is an important question asked by many students that if I have not read a computer in twelfth, can I do BCA, or is it ok to do it?

So the answer is yes, if you have not studied computer in twelfth, you can still go for BCA course just you see if your interest is in the computer field or not. During the BCA course, when you will be taught the subject about computers, then you need not panic, you will be taught everything starting from zero, meaning from very basic. It is also advisable from me, that if you understand about the basics of the computer a couple of months online or from any coaching before starting the course, then you will have some help during the BCA course.

What Do Students Learn During This Course?

During this course, students read all the important topics related to website development, website design, software development, application development, software testing, etc. And one thing that is common for all these topics is related to coding.

So during this course, students learn different types of programming and coding languages ​​such as C, C Plus Plus, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Java etc. Along with this, students also teach dot net technology, cybersecurity, eCommerce, business development, communicative English and mathematics.

So here let me clear one thing that during BCA you have to read Math and English paper for the first 3 semesters. Because a lot of students have trouble with math paper, you don't have to worry. If you have a little understanding of Math, then you will be able to clear these three semesters easily.

What is The Eligibility For BCA Course?

Talking about eligibility, any twelfth pass student whether he has intermediate in arts, commerce or science can join for this course, the minimum percentage should be 45. Also, there are some colleges that give admission to those students only who have studied Math and English paper in Twelfth,

So there is no need to be confused here, even if you have not studied math during twelfth, there are many colleges where you can get admission. The BCA course is of 3 years and consists of 6 semesters. During every semester you are taught both theory and practical, and at the end of every semester, there is an exam.

Talking about the admission procedure for this course, you can get admission in two ways, through direct admission or entrance. There are many top colleges where you will get direct admission on the basis of your twelfth marks.

You have to write the entrance exam for many governments and some private colleges, There is no centralized entrance exam for BCA admission, so different colleges or universities conduct their entrance exam.

What is The Fees of BCA Course?

Talking about tuition fees of BCA course, over time this course is becoming a bit expensive, and private colleges are charging fees from 50000 to 100000 per year. On the other hand, if your admission is in a government college, then you have to pay the maximum tuition fees from 30000 to ₹ 40000 every year.

If you are calculating the total expenses incurred during this course, then you must also separately add one  about 40000 ₹ 50000 for laptop or computer, because BCA students must buy a computer or laptop, then only they Will be able to learn properly.

What is The Career Options After BCA Course?

Talking about career options after this course, you have many options, such as you can go for a job in government or private sector, go for higher education, or even start your own computer-related business. Or can do freelancing work online.

Talking about the job, there is a possibility of jobs in the government sector for BCA people, but there is more job in the private sector, you can even work in top companies like TCS, Wipro, Infosys, Tech Mahindra, Google etc.

Talking about job profile after BCA, you can work as a web developer, programmer, graphic designer, junior software engineer, data analyst, software tester etc. On the other hand, if you are successful in getting a job in the government sector, 

then you can get the role of stenographer, IT professional, bank correspondent, computer operator, computer director etc.

What is Salary After BCA Course?

If you talk about salary and package, then it will depend entirely on your knowledge and which company you are employed in. Most BCA students get starting salary of ₹150000 to ₹ 20000, 

many times if you are employed in a small company, then you can get even less starting salary, but here you do not need to panic, computer and IT Sector is a high potential sector, with your experience and skill development, you will start getting a good salary.

What is The Higher Education After BCA Course?

Talking about higher education after this course, most of the BCA students do MCA, This is Master Degree of BCA. So Fill Form of MCA is Master of Computer Applications.

but apart from this, there are many options. Like you can do MSc Computer Science or MSc IT in computer field itself. If you want to go in the field of marketing, you can also do MBA, 

apart from this, there are many options of masters, for which you can join after BCA, if you want to do some best specialization course, then you can do the course of data analyst, data scientist, cybersecurity, digital marketing etc.

One question that a lot of students often ask is whether immediately after BCA one should do MCA or should join for MCA after some experience. So I want to tell you that if you want to do MCA then you can do it after this course, .

but when I studied the career growth of many BCA students, I found that people who took 1-2 years work experience after BCA. He was able to do well even during MCA course and got a good job with good package. Because they got a very good experience in computer and IT sector during these 1 or 2 years of work, he came to know that what skills should be available for a good job in the computer sector in the market right now. And he learns everything he needs during MCA and gets a good job. You can take your decision according to your need

Top Colleges For BCA

Talking about some top colleges for BCA, these are some top colleges, apart from this there are many BCA colleges in India, there will be many BCA colleges around you too, if you want to do BCA from there or any other big city like Chennai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Kolkata etc. then there are also many colleges where you can get admission easily.

If you do a course from a BCA college in a big city, you may have to pay a little bit more fees, but there you get the benefit, that you get a good exposure, and it is a little easier for you to get a job in big companies. Before taking admission in any college, check properly about the infrastructure, lab facility and faculty of that college, Because it is very important for BCA to have good teachers and good lab facility, and equally important is the placement from the college Because if you get the first job in a good company, then you will be able to do very well in your career ahead.

Along with this, if you want to do BCA from distance or online mode also, then its many options are available, Like a lot of students are doing good jobs today doing BCA from IGNOU. If you want to read more about BCA College and this course in detail.

Best BCA Course College List 2022

  1. Christ University, Bengaluru 
  2. Department of Computer Applications - SRM University, Chennai 
  3. Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies & Research 
  4. IMS Noida 
  5. Stella Maris College, Chennai 
  6. Womens Christian College, Chennai  
  7. University College, Kurukshetra University 
  8. St. Joseph's College, Bangalore 
  9. Department of Computer Science, Banasthali University 
  10. Madras Christian College, Chennai

Syllabus of BCA Course

Talking about the syllabus of the course, you start the course with basic C. programming and mathematics and English are also started from the basic level of the twelfth level. After that, computer-related topics gradually expand.

So if you are thinking of doing a BCA course, then my advice would be that you do it only if you have an interest in this course because there is a lot of potential in this course, but if you won't able to understand it then, it will be a burden for you, then you won't be able to do the course properly and not even you can get a good job.

It is not that coding is very difficult, which a student who has not studied anything about computers before, cannot understand. There is a need to understand concepts, and to practice properly. Once you have cleared the concept of this subject, everything will become very easy for you.

Last Words

If you are also doing or going to BCA course, then pay full attention to the practical and practice, as it has been said that the computer can be learned only from practice and not from books. So the more you practice, the more you will be able to do well during this course and during your job in the future.

So friends, if you liked this post of my BCA course, please add a comment and share it to friends. If you have any suggestions or questions, then you can comment to me, thanks for reading.


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