[Fixed] 'Something went wrong when loading your data' in Blogger

Something went wrong when loading your data

Hi Blogger User. If you use blogger platform then you must have faced some problems in recent. Few Days ago I opened my blogger dashboard so that I can write a new post there, but leave the point of writing the post there, there was no post showing and some issue was being shown in which it was written 'Something went wrong when loading your data' or my 

But I did not know anything about how to solve this issue. Then I asked this issue to many bloggers, which issue is this and how should I solve it. But no one gave a precise answer. A blogger user said to log in to blogger on another browser and someone said to delete the cache and cookies of the browser and log in again.

My issue was not solved only after adopting all these methods. After this I put my issue on the Blogger Community (Blogger Help Forum) and after that the reply came within 2 hours and my issue was solved by its method. So let's know about that method.

How To Fix 'Something went wrong when loading your data' in Blogger

As I know many bloggers use Blogger in Draft. If you use Blogger in Draft then Sometimes Blogger in Draft will have some experiments by Blogger Engineering that might get us into such troubles.

  • First of All You Need To Login With Blogger.
  • Now Go To Settings Section.
  • Scroll all the way to the end to see "General"
  • Now Disable "Use Blogger draft"
  • After That Now Try visiting https://www.blogger.com and see all things are fine.
Note:-If you do not go to your blogger through the above URL ie blogger.com, then you may have to face the same problems again.{alertWarning}


So That's method that can help you to fix the issue of Something went wrong when loading your data on Blogger. We hope you find this tutorial helpful. If you know any other better solution, please share it with us in the comment section below.

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