Kim Jong Un Banned Laughing in North Korea

Kim Jong Un Banned Laughing in North Korea

Hello, friends! Can you imagine? Laughing has now been banned in North Korea by Kim Jong Un. It doesn't seem believable. That even in this time and age, there are countries where people aren't even free to laugh. The thing is, their dictator, Kim Jong Un, it is his father's 10th Death Anniversary. 

So for the next 11 days, he'll be mourning it. That's why no citizen in the country is allowed to laugh during this period. Actually, friends, the dictatorship in North Korea is a dictatorship by a dynasty. A family is the one controlling this dictatorship. The family members become the next dictator. It is quite different from countries like China. 

In China, the dictatorship is by a party. And anyone can become a member of the party, And theoretically, anyone can reach the top of the party and can occupy the position of the dictator. But in North Korea, the dictatorship is similar to the monarchy from the days bygone. It began in 1948. With Kim Il Sung. 

He was in power till 1994. Followed by Kim Jong Il, his son He died in 2011, Succeeded by the present dictator his son, Kim Jong Un. Since all their names start with Kim, I don't want you to get confused, that's why to keep it simplified, I'll address them as Kiddo Kim, Papa Kim and Grandpa Kim. 

In 2011, Papa Kim, unfortunately, passed away due to a heart attack. The Korean Central News Agency of North Korea reported that when he passed away, the oncoming snowstorm simply paused. The storm just stopped as soon as he died. And then they reported that their sacred mountain Mount Paektu, the sky above this mountain shone in red colour. You can see their impactful reporting here. They continue with the ice on a very famous lake cracking so rapidly that its sound reverberated throughout the sky and the ground. As if the Grim Reaper was honoured to escort Papa Kim to the afterlife in a military tank. You might doubt these. But no one can question the true reporting of the Korean Central News Agency. 

Every child in North Korea knows that anyone questioning would be sent to visit Papa Kim in the heavens. Anyway, it is his 10th Death Anniversary. And every year, his Death Anniversary is mourned for 10 days. But since this is his 10th Death Anniversary, this year, it will be mourned for 11 days. Radia Free Asia asked a North Korean about the exact rules for it. 

He said that not only is laughing banned for these 11 days, but drinking alcohol is also banned, doing any kind of leisure activity is also banned as in anything that makes you happy all such activities are banned for this period. If your birthday is on one of these 11 days, you cannot celebrate your birthday either. It is banned too. I'm not joking, friends. These are the actual rules. Apart from this, if during these 11 days, if your family member dies, you aren't even allowed to cry loudly. 

Because Papa Kim's Death Anniversary is more important than the death of your family member. And if you cry loudly, it will be a distraction. You need to let others mourn the Death Anniversary properly. You can bury the dead body only after these 11 days. Another thing, you aren't even allowed to go grocery shopping on the day when Papa Kim passed away. On 17th December. I am not making this up. These are the exact rules that are defined. 

Don't be shocked. Isn't Papa Kim's death 10 years ago more important than you getting groceries? You need to think of the country first. If you go hungry one day, it wouldn't kill you. The soldiers are on the border, fighting, and you can't even go hungry for one day. Think of your country. Think of Papa Kim. One thing that I would like to criticise, friends that I didn't like at all, is that they've set aside 10 or 11 days to mourn for Papa Kim, But when it's Grandpa Kim's Death Anniversary, it's mourned for only 1 week. Can you imagine it? Only one week's mourning period for Grandpa Kim. And for Papa Kim, it goes on for 10 days or 11 days. 

How can Kiddo Kim be so unfair? In fact, you wouldn't believe it, friends, Kiddo Kim named a flower after Papa Kim. As you can see here. This is the Kimjongilia flower. But nothing as such was done for Grandpa Kim. Why is he so unfair to Grandpa Kim? Grandpa Kim is the elder, so he should be respected more than Papa Kim. Another thing here, friends, that Kiddo Kim didn't like at all, is the fashion style of Kiddo Kim. Others started copying it. The style of leather coat that he wears, the citizens of the country started buying similar leather coats. Kiddo Kim feels quite insecure about things like these. That's why there's a new rule that no one can wear the same or similar clothes as worn by Kiddo Kim. For this, he has appointed Fashion Police in the country. 

They'll patrol the roads to see whether the citizens are wearing such clothes or not. If someone is caught wearing the same or copycat clothes, their clothes will be confiscated on the spot. It is the least that can be expected of the citizens of the country. They can do at least this much for their country. Enough joking though. If I am serious about it, friends, all the rules I told you about. I didn't make them up. These actually exist. And you'll be shocked to know that there are many people in North Korea, who are not shocked by these rules. 

They blindly follow these rules And they do not think that these rules are weird. That it is their duty as citizens. Because they are brainwashed to such an extent, that they see their Dictator as a Supreme Leader. As a God. If you listen to their stories, the common citizens of North Korea that escaped the country where they got the chance to share their story with the rest of the world, they reveal how they lived in fear constantly that even if a negative thought popped up in their mind about their dictator, they would be scared that the dictator would get to know about it. 

So they couldn't even allow bad thoughts in their mind, about the Dictator. "They like, they brainwash us since our birth, and they tell us that Kims are Gods. So that I will think that Kim Jong Un can read my mind. And I thought that if I think bad things, he's gonna kill me. Because he can read my thoughts." They believed that their Dictator can read the minds of the people. Imagine if you grew up in such an environment where you weren't even free to think. 

"There's no work for Love, in North Korea. There's no word for Liberty. There's no word for Human Rights. So if you don't know that you have the right to have a free hairstyle, that you have the right to travel, how do you demand it? So simply, we don't know that human beings have rights, and just what it means to be free." How would even the thought of questioning things come into your mind? That you can see things from another perspective. When you're always told that the government will tell you when to laugh, the government will tell you when to cry, when you should cheer, the government will tell you that too. 

This is an apt example of the rest of the world how extreme form of brainwashing and extreme form of dictatorship can affect a country. The exact way how the dictators brainwash people. If you want to know more about it. I talked about it in detail in the video on Hitler. How Hitler had brainwashed the Germans. You can click here to watch it. Let's meet in the next post. Thank you very much!


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