Tips for Choosing the Right Domain Name for Creative Business

Tips for Choosing the Right Domain Name for Creative Business

Domain names are an important part of creating a creative business website because it is useful as a digital identity that represents the image of your business. That is why the determination of a domain name should not be done haphazardly. There are a lot of considerations that need to be made and this cheap domain name check can be an easy way.

Nowadays, there are many creative businesses that use websites or blogs as their promotional media. Therefore, it is difficult for us to find a name that is unique and not the same as an existing domain name. Because some domains do not allow the same name so it will be even more difficult for us to find the right domain name.

1. Make the Domain Name Easy to Spell

A name that is easy to spell can be a plus because it is easy to remember. Even if you're looking for a unique domain name, it doesn't have to be hard to spell because this will make it harder for Google users to remember the website. Therefore, just choose a word that is easy to spell as your website's domain name. 

If you want to use an abbreviation, then make sure if the abbreviation is an abbreviation that is often used or some people are familiar with. This is because, domain names do not have spaces so they are more difficult to spell if we are not familiar with the words used. So, make sure you do these tips on choosing a domain name.

2. Make Your Own Brand as Identity

The most appropriate way to introduce your brand or creative business is to include the name of your brand, shop or business. That way, people will see or read your domain name more often, making it easier for them to remember the creative business or brand that you are carrying. 

In addition, the presence of a brand name or brand on your domain name will increase the credibility and trust of internet users to visit your website. Unlike a random domain name, it can also show how professional they are in the creative business. That's the importance of promoting a brand or brand through a domain name.

3. Make the Domain Name Memorable and Short

Domain names that are easy to remember and short are tips for choosing a domain name that you should pay attention to. Being unique does not mean using words that are rarely used or difficult because it will also make it difficult for visitors to remember your website's domain name. When viewed technically, the domain name for this website has a maximum limit of about 63 characters. 

However, that doesn't mean you have to create a 63 character long domain name because this number is quite long. In fact, it is important to create a short website domain name so that it is not difficult to remember. So, choose the right words to use as the right domain name for your website.

4. Choose the Right Domain Extension

Various domain extensions can be chosen according to the needs of your website. Most of us are probably only about domain extensions in the form of, .com, .net and others. However, did you know that there are more than 1200 choices of domain extensions that you can choose from. Each extension has its own advantages and disadvantages. 

Some of the domain extensions you can choose from to give your website a domain name include .fun, .tech, .press, .site, .space, .online, .store, and .website. Given the importance of a website domain name, you have to consider many things before finally choosing one of these domain extensions and make sure you choose according to the needs of the website.

5. Don't Use Numbers and Hyphens

The use of hyphens and numbers is not recommended in creating a domain name on the website. Hyphens and numbers can make the website domain name longer, making it less effective. In addition, you should also avoid acronyms because they can make visitors feel confused by the spelling of your website's domain name. 

If you are still confused when choosing a website domain name, you can test it first using the Radio Test method to find out if the domain name is easy enough to spell in radio broadcasts, namely by imagining being a radio listener. So, avoid things that can extend the domain name and make it difficult to pronounce.

6. Find Creative Word Combinations

As a creative business owner, of course, creativity will be your provision to be remembered by many people, including your website visitors. You must also show this in choosing a domain name that must be creative or different from other websites. To create a creative domain name, you can combine words that are similar and unique. 

That was information about tips on choosing the right domain name for a creative business. There's nothing wrong with trying some of the tips above so that the website's domain name matches the expectations of visitors. Happy working!


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