What Are Backlinks And How To Build Quality Backlinks

What's up guys, Welcome To Theforyou. today we're going to be talking about backlinks for beginners, What Are Backlinks And How To Build Quality Backlinks. now there's no getting around it backwards in the backbone of a good SEO strategy and of course if you're new to SEO you probably have no idea what are good backlinks and why it's important?

They're so important and this is perfectly fine after all backlinks aren't exactly the kind of thing you'd be taught about in school 🤣 it's not really a subject you could pick in school and that's a topic for another day. but hopefully in today's post it'll be on the curriculum right next to biology either way if you want to succeed with SEO. You need to know what backlinks are why they're important and how you can build them because if you ignore them then you won't rank on google and your SEO campaigns will probably fail.

if you're reading this post you don't need to worry because this post is going to teach you what are backlinks and why backlinks are so important and how you can build them and we're going to explore a range of link building methods in fact method number two is one you really want to pay close attention to because it helped one of our clients. Anyway no matter what niche you're in the tips in this post should help you find some blockbuster backlinks that will help you overtake your competitors and hit that sweet number one spot on google now when you make it to the end of this post please remember to bookmark and share this post. 

What Are Backlinks?

Well backlinks are essentially just links to your website backgrounds kind of act like little votes to vouch for the credibility of a site if you have backlinks then it's kind of like social proof and other websites are linking to you. Now this is important because it makes you look more trustworthy in the eyes of google and of course not all backgrounds are equal some are better than others and the quality of a backlink depends on a few factors for the most part these factors include the authority of the site that posted your backlink. 

okay the relevance of the site that links to you the context of the link and the anchor text that is used something we're going to touch on later now one great backlink can often be worth 100 bad ones so remember quality is the name of the game when it comes to link building now if you want to avoid wasting time when building links you need to make sure your backlinks are up to scratch in relation to each of the factors luckily the link building methods we're going to cover later in this post we'll teach you exactly how you can do this now we could probably create a post about each of these different ranking factors but to keep things simple let's just touch on.

Crucial Ranking Factors

A few key points here and do the 80 20 rule when it comes to link building so to begin with higher authority websites are usually sites that have got a lot of high quality backlinks of their own you can often identify the high authority sites in your niche by using SEO tools such as ahref such tools often have a domain rating metric that helps you id the high authority size that you should get backwards from note that high authority sites can often provide you with a lot of link building ideas and we'll explore exactly how that works later in this post as mentioned relevance is also a big deal here ideally you want your links to come from high authority websites within your niche not just any big website from around the web interestingly enough.

The first link builder method we're going to cover later in this post explains how you can get big sites in your niche to link to your site now the anchor text is essentially the text used to represent your actual link so for example if you click on the link and it says click here that is the anchor text click here is the anchor text because that's a clickable text from one site that takes you to another now you shouldn't focus on one specific anchor text for all of your links because otherwise he might be penalized by google this is important because a lot of SEO experts tell you that the anchor text you use for your links will determine the type of keywords you rank for.

for instance suppose you own an ecommerce store that sells kitchen cabinets some experts believe that if you have a lot of links that use the anchor text teaching cabinets it will automatically rank for this term and if this is a high value term you might be tempted to build a lot of links that have that specific anchor text after the reward for doing so was so high right and that's a reasonable conclusion but this isn't really the right way to do things right that's because if you have a lot of backlinks that use all the same architects if you use the same anchor text in every single link there's a good chance that your website will be penalized plus google is starting to move away from focusing massively on anchor text anyway.

so you're not really missing out if you over optimize your architects and that's why we don't recommend it now when it comes to context you want your links to look natural in the eyes of google the links that you get from other sites shouldn't look like they're being forced into a paragraph or sentence just for the sake of building a backlink again if you force your links you might receive a penalty from google and all your hard work could just go down the drain now if you're worried about using unnatural anchor text keep watching this video because link building method number four is a great example of a strategy that will help you build natural looking backlinks.

How To Build Backlinks?

so how can you build them okay so we've taken a look at what backlinks are and some of the rules you need to keep in mind when building them but now let's take a look at how you can actually build quality backlinks.

Method 1 - Create Amazing Skyscraper Content

First Method is to create amazing skyscraper content. now skyscraper content is a term coined by brian lee in a backlinko and it's become a popular way to build backups essentially there are four key parts associated with the skyscraper method so number one is to identify competitor content that's already attracting a lot of links. 

step number two is to identify the websites linking to your competitors. step number three is to create content that's better than your competitors and step number four is to cold email the people that are linking to your competitors and ask them to link to your article instead so for instance suppose you're in the skiing niche and you want to build some links popular content in this niche might be something like a beginner's guide skiing if that's the case then you will want to look at the top results for this time then do a bit of research to see who's linking to this type of content and from there create something better than anything that currently ranks for this term so your content might be more in depth or it might include more infographics.

after all you'll be contacting the people that link to your competitors and asking them if they're considered linking to your website as well and if your content is better than what is already out there and your emails polite and friendly enough and straight to the point you should get some traction here's an example of what one of our clients was able to achieve after we helped him with the skyscraper technique and as you can see after the skyscraper technique was put into action organic traffic started to rise steadily link building strategy.

Method 2 - Help A Reporter Out 

Now Second method is help a reporter out okay journalists are always on the lookout for expert sources when they're writing something if you can act as a source for a journalist they might then link to your website when they want to publish an article so how do you become a source well there are certain websites used by journalists to find sources and the two most popular sites out there are harrow short for helping reporter dot com and source bottle.

if you go to these websites you can find these requests and you can then put yourself forward as a source if the journalist uses you as a source they will often link back to you now it's important to remember that journalists get lots of other responses from people that also want to secure a link because of this you've got to make sure you provide a really good response to the journalists if you don't answer their question properly and if you don't come across as an authority probably go with someone else which is a shame because these journalists often work for massive websites. 

so if you get a link from them it will often be a very high authority link in fact here's an example of a link we managed to secure for one of our clients on forbes using this method and here's the impact this method had on the site as you can see after building lots of links using this method we were able to get them some amazing results in a pretty short space of time you can do the same too. 

Method 3 - Guest Posting

Method number three is guest posting since the dawn of SEO guest posting has been a tried and tested method of building links but on the other hand ever since the dawn of seo there's been a new expert every year saying that guest posting is dead or ineffective. 

The truth is it still works now is it difficult and time consuming yes it often can be but that's often the case with any method that helps you get good quality links either way i'm here to tell you that if you take guest posting seriously it can pay serious dividends so for clarity what is guest posting and how does it work well it's quite simple really you just need to find websites in your niche that accept guest posts and then you need to approach them and ask them if they'd be willing to let you write for them if they say yes you then write something that is so good they can't wait to publish it and when they post this article they will often let you put a link to your website in the bio section of the author or in the actual content itself. 

if you want to find guest posts in opportunities you can do so by searching the phrase guest posts alongside a keyword that represents your niche you will probably need to contact lots of sites but eventually someone will get back to you and be open to potential blog post ideas.

Method 4 - Convert Brand Mentions Into Links

Method number four is to convert brand mentions into links this is a super easy strategy that can help you build natural links with relative ease with this method you just need to find a website that mentions your website or brand but haven't actually linked it yet you then just need to contact the writer or the website owner and ask them if they'll include a link next to the bit where they mentioned your site this is a great way to build natural links. 

Because these website owners are already mentioning you on their website but they simply haven't made the text dimension to you into a link yet for the most part these website owners will be more than happy to send a link your way if you ask nicely after all if they're already familiar with you they will be happy to know that you're engaging with their content being website owners themselves they'll want to know the value of a backlink and we'll understand and appreciate why you're asking a method.

Method 5 - Work With a Pro

number five is to work with a pro now there's no doubt that building backlinks can be time consuming and a little bit intimidating if you're new to SEO if you feel this way keep in mind that you can always work with someone like us for example we've helped a lot of people build high quality backings to their site and there's a good chance we might be able to help you as well.

Last Words

Well that's all about What Are Backlinks And How To Build Quality Backlinks. If you want to know more about this post then put your comments in to comments section.

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