What is Sitelink Search Box? How To Get it on a Blog

Hi Everyone. Today in this article I am going to share about What is Sitelink Search Box? How To Get it on a Blog. To get it, know how to get a blog sitelink search box from Google. Keep in mind, this is also beneficial for your website's SEO.

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What is Sitelink Search Box?

Generally, you often see the blog sitelink search box on the Google Search Engine in the main section. This Google Sitelink Search Box is a sub page whose position is at the bottom of the main website that appears when users search for a topic or keywords. It contains various types of popular pages.

Google sitelinks usually appear when users are searching using a keyword or topics from the most specific brand name. For example, Sportskeeda or Amarujala , which usually has a number of sub pages at the bottom. 

What is Sitelink Search Box
What is Sitelink Search Box? How To Get it on a Blog

The number of these Google Sitelinks Search Box, usually appears differently on each site. It could be 2, 4, or even 6 to 8 sitelinks. Everything depends on Google, not on the website owner. This sitelink makes it easier for visitors to get important information.

Functions, Benefits and Positive Impact for Blogs

Talking about the function of Google Sitelink itself, in general, it provides a lot of advantages for website builders. Not only does it provide a function as site navigation, but there are other things that are no less important. Like helping to build a reputation. 

More precisely, it can help build a brand from a business. In addition, the Google Sitelink function can also increase the trust of visitors to a brand/website. It can even cover a much wider SERP than before. Not only that, 

Google Sitelink also serves to increase the Click Through Rate or usually shortened to CTR. In addition, it can also help increase the strength of internal links or pages . Considering this sitelink is in the form of sub pages , it is easier to get information.

Positive Impact of Google Sitelinks For Blogs

As you already know, that Google Sitelink Search Box is very important and can provide many useful functions. In fact, it has become the dream of most business owners and other SEO experts. Given the benefits of being able to improve the company even more strikingly.

1. Increase CTR

As in the previous discussion, here you will get a more detailed explanation. The use of Google Sitelink will also have a positive impact on a blog that is created. One of them can increase the CTR or Click Through Rate , which is the ratio of the number of clicks. 

More precisely, the number of clicks on impressions . In most cases, these clicks come from organic search results. Meanwhile, this impression is the number of page appearances on a website on the Google Search Engine. Generally, visitors tend to click around 3 results.

2. Increase Trust and Credibility

In addition, the use of Google Sitelink also has another positive impact. As can increase trust and credibility. You need to know, that not all websites can get sitelinks in search results. If there is, it means the site is already very popular/famous. 

It has even been considered by Google as a very useful sitelink for every visitor. This Google Sitelink takes up a lot of space on your PC/Smartphone screen. With this, the search results will be more advanced and top. Google considers its search results the most relevant.

3. Increase Product Awareness

Not only that, this Google Sitelink Search Box will also provide increased product awareness . With this, Google will introduce a variety of products from a website to searchers. That way, they will recognize all kinds of related products. 

Visitors or site users only need to do one click and can immediately find out what complete information is related to the products offered by a website that has Google Sitelink. In fact, it is easier to attract the attention and interest of other users.

4. Find Popular Pages

With this Google Sitelink, it will also provide an important role for a website to site visitors, namely as an attraction. This is even more so for websites that contain a lot of interesting content, making it easier for users to know which pages  are popular. 

For example, when you search with keywords Sportskeeda. So, the search results will get a sitelink related to the Sportskeeda. What's more, the sub pages will also offer sub related to contact , about us, services and many others.

How to Get Sitelink Search Box on Blog

After knowing how important and useful Google Sitelink are, it's time for you to know how to get those sitelinks as a form of attraction. So that many visitors / visitors click on related websites. It's easy, follow these steps.

1. Create a Unique and Attractive Website Name 

One of the things or you can say as tips that you can apply first, namely by creating a unique and interesting website name. Please note, that not all sites get Google Sitelinks. But only sites that are fairly unique get it. 

That's why, as a website builder you have to fight hard to create a name that is different from the average person. So, choose a name that has the most unique meaning and can have a chance to be famous later. So that you can get access to Google Sitelink.

2. Perform SEO Optimization Techniques 

In addition, you must also do SEO Optimization or Search Engine Optimization . In general, there are two techniques you can do. First with On Page SEO Techniques  and also Off Page SEO. For SEO On Page, this is a technique on a website itself. 

The goal is to provide value to visitors, making it easier for visitors to explore the website. Then, Off Page SEO is SEO optimization that is carried out outside the site. The goal, to be able to increase the level of SERP, page range. 

3. Create Internal Links 

Not only that, but you also have to create an internal link which is a page that leads to another page on a certain site (the same website). if the internal links are more and more. Then it will be easier for Google to know the popular pages that you create. 

That way, it will be easier to get a Google Sitelink because the page is already fairly interesting and popular. For example, you link a link to a contact page repeatedly. Of course, Google will judge that the page is a page that is quite popular on a personal site. 

4. Increase Brand Awareness 

As you know, that Brand Awareness is the ability of consumers to recognize and remember a brand against a brand. Be it a name, logo, image or even a slogan that the related brand uses. When consumers are more familiar with the brand, it is not impossible if they will look for the brand they want. Well, from the increasing number of visitors who are looking for brands. 

The great opportunity to get Google Sitelinks. So, improve the brand first. Such are some detailed and complete explanations regarding the topic of information related to how to get Blog Sitelinks from Google. Along with the discussion about understanding up to the positive impact of Google Sitelink itself.


Well that's all about What is Sitelink Search Box in a Blog. If you find it helpful then put your lovely comments or share it to your friends. Thank You.


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