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What is Web3.0? 5 Future Predictions for Web 3.0

What is web3? what is web2 or web1 and why should we have at least a basic understanding of what they are as crypto investors? Hello, Its Theforyou and in this post we will explore what web3 means and 5 Predictions for Web3.0 about what we can expect to happen in the future regardless of bull markets, bear markets, and market cycles at large. So let’s learn about web3. {getToc} $title={Table of Contents} Before we get started, just want to do a quick shout out to NordVPN . As a crypto investor, using a VPN is an easy, effective, & important way we can further protect our privacy and our investments on the web. I’ve been personally using them well. And for a limited time. What is Web 1.0? Now, let’s get to it. What is web3? Well, to understand web3 more easily, let’s start from the beginning and define what web1 is . What is web1 or Web 1.0?   Most of us can recall when it was necessary to type in www. In front of whatever website we wanted to access. And the www stands for wo